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Headquartered in Washington DC, with satellite offices in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, Auphsite Consulting specializes in financial accounting and business development advisory. Our goal is to deliver exceptional advisory services that adds value to our clients organization.

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Areas of Practice

Accounting services 

Accurate financial reporting is the segue into understanding the financial strength of a company.  Auphsite Accounting Services assists clients by helping them meet their current needs while working towards long-term goals.  Our professionals evaluate and benchmark your organization's financial recording process and recommend and implement standards that are in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principles.  

Audits and assurances 

Internal and external stakeholders ask the same question, what level of comfort do we have in what's presented to us in the financial statements?  Stakeholders want to be free of doubt when making operating decision.  An audited financial statement is the remedy that lends to establishing a level of certainty and creating value.  Clients have utilized our advisors to execute audits and navigate through the maze of regulatory reporting.                                                                                       

Business Development 

Bringing a product or service to market that people would want to try and use again is like your favorite restaurant preparing a delicious meal.  Your organization is judged by the food which is your organization's product or service. How smoothly your organization operates is akin to the service at the restaurant.  Both, your offerings and operations, requires ingredients that are fundamental and creative; drawing in the customers and creating loyalty. Auphsite Consulting's Business Development team guides clients towards discovering the ingredients.                                                                    


It’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked.
— Warren buffet


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